Disabled American Veterans Department of NJ, Logo

171 Jersey Street, Bldg 5, 2nd Fl, Trenton, NJ 08611

Call: (609) 396-2885

Fax: (609) 396-9562

Dedicated to Supporting Disabled Veterans

Department Line Officers

Gordon Lee Payne

Department Commander

— Gordon Lee Payne

Member Email: commander1@davnj.org

Primary Phone: (862) 220-7797

Leonard Long

Department 1st Jr. Vice Commander

— Leonard Long

Member Email: 1stjrvice@davnj.org

Primary Phone: (856) 404-5146

Keith Bradley

Department 3rd Jr. Vice Commander

— Keith Bradley

Member Email: 3rdjrvice@davnj.org

Primary Phone: (732) 900-0250

Department Chief Inspector

— Jim Kopley

Member Email: Chiefinspector@davnj.org

Primary Phone: (609) 468-5059

Johnnie Walker

Department Adjutant

— Johnnie Walker

Member Emails: jwalker@davnj.org


Primary Phone: (609) 396-2885

Second Phone: (609) 425-8608

Keith Bradley

State Chaplin

— Keith Bradley

Member Email: statechaplin@davnj.org

Primary Phone: (732) 900-0250

Fred Smith

Department Senior Vice Commander

— Fred Smith

Member Email: Srvicenj@davnj.org

Primary Phone: (732) 672-0934

Walter Applegate

Department 2nd Jr. Vice Commander

— Walter Applegate

Member Email: 2ndjrvice@davnj.org

Primary Phone: (732) 551-0953

Walter Kaczmarek

Department Judge Advocate

— Walter Kaczmarek

Member Email: Judgeadvocate@davnj.org

Primary Phone: (732) 634-6049

Henry Houston

Department Treasurer

— Henry Houston

Member Email: treasurer@davnj.org

Primary Phone: (215) 687-1531

Kathy Kukel

Department Sergeant-At-Arms

— Kathy Kukel

Member Email: sgtatarms@davnj.org

Primary Phone: (973) 942-4467

James A. Keyser, Jr.

Officer of the Day

— James A. Keyser, Jr.

Member Email: officeroftheday@davnj.org

Primary Phone: (609)226-3425